Monday, November 17, 2014

Long Distance

I'm back across the big pond in the "City of Lights" and watching the news with interest. It seems our dear Senator Mary may have to look for a new job soon as polls have her 16 points behind. I wonder if she will live in DC (which most of us think is her real home) or return to Mom and Dad's place in New Orleans where she claims residence. And I guess she'll have to fly commercial since she won't be able to travel on the taxpayers dime anymore. I got my absentee ballot ready to go.

I also see that the country is gearing up for some major race riots. I was in Boston when MLK was shot but this looks to be much worse. I wonder what the "Blessed One" will do if the country's urban centers start to burn. I suspect he will play like Nero except he will golf instead of playing the fiddle.

Be safe out there and stay on high alert.

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