Thursday, November 13, 2014

How to Handle Phone Solicitors

My wife received a phone call the other day from a phone solicitor with an obvious Indian accent.

"Is Mrs. R there?", the caller asked.

"I'm sorry, she passed away yesterday.", my wife responded.

"Well, is Mr. R available?"

"What? You want to disturb a man who is grieving for his wife??!!"

(sound of hanging up)

I got one the other day from someone who wasn't trying to sell me something but wanted to confirm my location and salary as an obvious pre-qualification ploy.

"Do you still live in Louisiana?"

"You called me. Didn't you look at the area code?"

"Do you have a present worth of x dollars or an annual salary of y dollars?"

"Isn't it great that in this wonderful country a person can rise to....." (hang up)

And then there was the call from a political pollster who "only wanted to ask me a couple of questions". He then started into a long list of background questions about voter status, age, race, etc. So I stopped him and said, "Why don't you just ask your questions and stop wasting my time?" I guess he had a thin skin because he hung up.


Old NFO said...

Personally, I like to answer those, "Okay, it's done, but there's blood everywhere..." ;-)

Bob S. said...

I answer the phone and ask them to hold on while i get something out of the oven.

and then see how long it takes until I hear the dial tone.