Saturday, March 30, 2019

Yellow Vests - Week 20

Taking a look at Paris traffic on Google Maps today it looks like the lower Champs, from Grand Palais to the Tuileries is closed. The riverside expressway on the right bank from the Trocadero to Tuileries is closed and the area around the Trocadero and across the bridge to the Eiffel is closed. In other words, if you were a tourist today, you could not go to most of the popular tourist sites.

My wife tracks apartments for sale and rent in Paris and she has seen a marked drop in price since January. Now heading into its 6th month, this protest over the French president's new green deal has to be hurting tourism in Paris.

And as we head into an election season, keep the lesson of the Yellow Vests in mind.

Saturday, March 23, 2019

Yellow Vests- Week 19

President Macron has essentially declared martial law and deployed the army to protect the streets of major French cities. While it is common to see soldiers at tourist and transportation sites, they have been deployed to protect government building under the French anti terrorism statutes.

If you look at the traffic function on Google maps, you will see that major streets are closed for their entire length. Basically, draw an "X" through Paris and it is closed. The entire length of the Champs is closed. The streets that circle the Tuilleries are closed as well as the river side expressway on the right bank. The N/S street that passes the Catacombs, goes by Luxumborg and the St Michael Fountain, crosses Isle de la Cite and on up to Gare du Nord and the 10th Arr. is closed.

This is not going to end well.

Monday, March 11, 2019

Yellow Vests - Week 17

17 weeks and still at it although the numbers are down. The press tends to focus on Paris but there are demonstrations all over the country and plans to go to CDG. My wife tracks cavaton apartment rental rates and they are down through August, which is when Europe goes on vacation. The UN has called for an investigation of police violence and their use of crowd dispersing rubber ball grenades. If you want to gauge the extent of the protests, on Saturday morning pull up Paris on Google maps and activate the traffic function. You will be able to see the road closures due to the marches.

Monday, March 4, 2019

Head Count

Saudi Arabia added to their active start by beheading 15 for murder and drugs. Year to date total is 36.

In other news.....have a Happy Mardi Gras.