Saturday, March 30, 2019

Yellow Vests - Week 20

Taking a look at Paris traffic on Google Maps today it looks like the lower Champs, from Grand Palais to the Tuileries is closed. The riverside expressway on the right bank from the Trocadero to Tuileries is closed and the area around the Trocadero and across the bridge to the Eiffel is closed. In other words, if you were a tourist today, you could not go to most of the popular tourist sites.

My wife tracks apartments for sale and rent in Paris and she has seen a marked drop in price since January. Now heading into its 6th month, this protest over the French president's new green deal has to be hurting tourism in Paris.

And as we head into an election season, keep the lesson of the Yellow Vests in mind.

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Old NFO said...

And still no single leader, so Macron et al can't go after 'somebody'... LOL