Wednesday, June 10, 2020

Irony Check and Short Rant

The USMC recently ordered that no confederate flags were to be displayed on base. I know that the Marines can order the troops to do whatever they want, but does anyone else see the irony that the Marines who cannot exercise their First Amendment rights are the same people who have to protect your ability to exercise of those same rights?

In related irony, it has been confirmed in the courts that burning or desecrating an American flag is a First Amendment right. If that is true, isn't it also a First Amendment right to fly a Confederate Battle Flag? It may not be smart or politically correct, but isn't it still a right? Just axin'.

And while we are renaming stuff and tanking down monuments, why don't we start by renaming all the federal buildings, naval vessels, bridges, tunnels and other stuff who are named for the signers of the Southern Manifesto? That was a real racist document signed by actual racists.

Tuesday, June 2, 2020

Head Count

Saudi Arabia only executed one during May, probably because of Ramadan. Year to date total stands at lucky 13.