Friday, September 25, 2020

Head Count

 In a belated count, the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia again did not behead anybody in the month of August. The Year to Date count remains at 15.


 Laphroig is a 10 year old whiskey distilled on the Island of Islay. Laphroig means "beautiful hollow by the broad bay" in Gaelic. It has a light amber color, sweet aroma and a slight phenolic taste. The distillery has been around since 1815 and is currently owned by Beam Suntory. (Yes, that's right, Jim Beam is part of a Japanese conglomerate)

Laphroaig has a unique marketing gimmick. They offer you a free piece of the island. You can get a lifetime lease of 1 square foot of the island by becoming a "friend". I had to check how much ilalnd was available for lease. The island has an area of 239.2 square miles. That translates to 6,670,000,000 square feet, so I doubt they will run out space soon.

This is not a entry level scotch as some will not find it smooth, but it is worth a taste in order to learn some of the differences between the areas of Scotland.