Friday, November 21, 2014

Beaufolais Nouveau est Arrivee

The third Thursday of November is the traditional day for the release of the New Beaujolais. I tried to do my part by sampling the products of several wineries while I snacked on sausage cooked in the leftover skins of gamay grapes and homemade pate of wild boar. This manufactured holiday is the result of an ingenious marketing campaign that started in 1967 to sell wine early and give a boost to the cash flow of the wine industry. It is now an international event.

I spent the evening at a favorite restaurant where the owner/chef has close ties with several organic wine makers. We sampled several versions, including a white and competing wines made by father and son. Some of them had quirky names. My favorite was the white wine called "The 6 Weeks Rabbit" or "Le Lapin de 6 Semaines".

As we say in New Orleans, Laissee le Bon temps Roulee.

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