Friday, October 10, 2014

Ebola Update

Here is some of the latest news.....
  • Patient Zero has died
  • A nurse in Australia is thought to have the disease. She worked in Liberia
  • Dallas cop who was in the apartment has been cleared of having the disease
  • CDC says they won't stop travel from the affected areas
  • Have you heard any news about the status of the ambulance crew or the family of Patient Zero?
It's getting stupid crazy. All past epidemics have been stopped by isolating the area and letting the disease burn itself out. An accepted procedure to contain other epidemics is to isolate the area and innoculate everyone in the surrounding area. The idea is to prevent the disease from getting out. Yet our government is keen on doing the opposite. I can only think that they want to cause a crisis so that they can impose government restrictions on us.

Lets face it, ebola patients need to be treated in a level 4 biological safety environment, not the isolation ward of your local hospital.

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