Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Ebola - Never Let a Serious Crisis Go To Waste.

So, ebola has come to Dallas. You've seen the press conference where medical officials are telling you not to worry while they skim over the details of what they are doing to track down the contacts that Patient Zero had during the 6 days he roamed the city and was potentially infecting people. They tell us they will isolate and monitor people he had contact with for at least 21 days as if this is a friendly and benign process.

Think about what this means......The Federal Government, and the states, have laws for dealing with public health crisis. Legally, they could quarantine you for as long as they see fit and if you leave quarantine, they can arrest you without a warrant. These laws will be enforced by local law enforcement who may not be too happy about getting too close to a potential carrier. What means would they use to subdue you? And where would they take you? Will they take you to a central location or let you stay in your home? Where will they get the manpower to monitor all those people?

I think people should start to consider these questions and understand the implications of the laws concerning public health.

And this was one of my concerns in sending US troops to Africa to deal with ebola. What happens when our troops either have to forcibly quarantine people or protect a medical team from a mob?

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Old NFO said...

THey won't enforce anything... Unless it's a white guy...