Monday, October 13, 2014

Book Review - Deadline

This is the 8th in John Sandford's series featuring the Virgil Flowers. Virgil always seems to fall into interesting situations and this one is no different. A friend calls Virgil for help with a dog napping situation. Virgil, being in a slow period and looking for a good place to fish, agrees to help. Little does he know that in the same town, the local school board is conspiring on some public corruption and murder. They decide to whack the local new reporter and the case falls into Virgil's lap. And while he's looking into that situation, he finds a meth lab.

I had waited for this release for a long time and my intention was to read this slowly and savor it, but my curiosity kept me turning pages whenever I had a free moment. I couldn't wait to see how Virgil solved the missing dog mystery, made a raid on the meth lab and caught the murderers. And as usually happens with Flowers, he ends up in a humorous situation at the end of the story.

If you like Sandford and like to follow this character, you will enjoy this book.

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