Thursday, April 5, 2018

News from Across the Pond

Watching BBC and Sky News at the apartment as I can't stomach CNN International and Fox News is a pay channel. The news today is that the UK has instituted a sugar tax to discourage drinking high fructose soft drinks.The nanny state is using regulation to fight obesity. In other news, there were six more stabbings today in London. There have now been more murders in London than in NYC. But at least they weren't shot.

Locally, we chatted with our driver on the ride in from CDG and the topic fell to the topic of immigration and taxes. our driver, who is self employed said he pays 67% in taxes and hates to see his money go towards supporting illegal immigrants. His father immigrated from Portugal but unlike the new generation, they have always worked hard and assimilated into France.

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Clay said...

The NY/London crime is even more amazing.
Both New York and London have existsd for hundreds of years and it's the first time ever on record that New York has been safer than London.

When we went to New York and toured the Freedom Tower construction site, etc., I was amazed at how safe if felt. As someone raised in Orleans Parish, I couldn't believe how comfortable the whole city, even the "sketchy" areas felt even at night. A far cry from the 70s/80s NYC.