Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Book Review - The Wrong Side of Goodbye

This is Michael Connelly's latest Bosch novel and it's a good one. Harry has been forced into retirement but is working as an unpaid reserve detective in the tine San Fernando Police Department. He also picks up the odd private detecting job.

On his private side he gets a request from a mega rich industrial mogul to hunt down a lost heir. He fathered a child but was then forced to abandon the mother by his family. And he wants it done with the utmost secrecy. Billions of dollars are at stake and that amount of money brings out the worst in those who think they may be cut out of the will.

Simultaneously, in his SFPD duties, he is hunting a serial rapist. Several of the rapes are in his cold case files but the perpetrator is still active.

Bosch bounces between these two cases leaving the reader with a cliff hanger at each chapter. This is one of the better of the Bosch series and it is well worth giving it a read.

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Thanks! I missed that one!