Monday, May 13, 2013

Riley, The Incontinent Beagle

Meet Riley, the new addition to my son's family. She is the second stray to find their way to his house where three boys and a soft hearted mother almost guarantee room and board for life. (There must be some sort of hidden hobo dog  signs that guide them there) After a check for chips and tattoos and lost dog posters, it was determined that she had no owner of record and oldest grandson quickly claimed her. They are now inseparable and both seem the happier for it. Even Toby the Shi Tsu was glad to have another one of his kind in the house.

The only problem is that Riley, in adapting to her new surroundings, has a case of incontinence. Have you ever seen a beagle wearing a diaper?

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Old NFO said...

No, but it seems like a smart idea... :-)