Sunday, May 26, 2013


The cable on my NOOK charger gave up the ghost just before my trip to Ohio. Without the NOOK I was faced with reading using old technology. A quick check showed that there was an App for that. The NOOK app gives you access to your entire library. It was easy to download and easy to log in to your NOOK account. While it gives access to your library, it only downloads the books you want. I was worried that reading on the phone might be a problem but everything was cleat and the font big enough to read easily. It has a feature that, if someone else is reading the same book on another device, it will give you the option to jump to that page or stay on the current page. This is useful if you jump back and forth between devices. Battery useage is reasonable. It allowed me several hours of reading time.

Now that I have it on my phone, I will be able to read whenever I have the phone with me.


Old NFO said...

You can replace that charger cable with any mini cable. And I have the same on the phone, it works well!

Brigid said...

Travel safe!