Thursday, September 4, 2008

Gustav Thursday

Still in Alabama. My son made the run back yesterday. Traffic wasn't as bad as expected. However, he reports that the grocery stores and gas stations are still closed. Not enough employees have returned to allow them to open. He spent the night at my house as I had power and he didn't. Life could still be a little on the basic side so we are going to hang here until tomorrow.

The government did a good job on the evacuation plans but leave the return up to chance.

Oldest grandson baked a cake yesterday afternoon in honor of our 30th anniversary. Yeah, it was a mix but its the thought that counts. He has discovered an interest in the culinary arts at the age of 11. His sense of taste is amazing. He can dissect the ingredients in a dish by smelling and tasting. When we went to Boston, he was able to tell the difference between Cod and Haddock after it was all mixed up together in Fish and Chips. All in all, pretty amazing for a kid who only ate chicken nuggets as a young'un.

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