Monday, September 1, 2008

30th Anniversary and Max

Today is the 30th anniversary of my marriage to the wonderful woman who became my mate. It is the second time we have spent it on a hurricane evacuation. Katrina was the first. Not very romantic but I hope the recent trip to France made up for it.

We often suspected that Max the Shih Tsu was abandoned during Katrina. His behavior last night confirmed it. We had tropical storm conditions in Alabama with wind and rain. Max was not happy and wouldn't stay in one place. He was upstairs and downstairs. He was scratching on all the bedroom doors. If you let him into the room, after a few minutes, he wanted to get out. When he laid down, he did it in a corner. It was like he needed to verify that he was not alone and didn't want his back exposed. It's daylight now and calmer. He will get to sleep. His humans won't.

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