Friday, March 21, 2008

Water, Water.....

Over at The Sandbox, I posted about Dubai's pending water problems. That got me thinking about a trip I made to Singapore. I was on a tour and to kill the time during the drive the guide was talking about Singapore's water supply. As you would expect, Singapore has water supply issues. Rainfall does not meet demands. There are two 48 inch pipelines from Malaysia that supply water, but as the supply agreements are due to expire soon and Malaysia is still unhappy about Singapore's separation and independence, the powers that be thought it best to move Singapore towards water independence. Therefore, every drop of water that passes through Singaporean kidneys is recycled. Sewage isn't just cleaned up for disposal. It is recycled all the way back to potable quality and pumped back into the reservoirs. So, if you are ever in Singapore, the water in your glass is pre-owned.

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