Friday, December 1, 2017

Submarine ARA San Juan

Argentina has called off the search and rescue mission for their missing submarine . The submarine went missing on November 15 while on a routine transit. It came to light that the captain reported a leak through the snorkel which shorted out some batteries in the bow section. He reported that the problem batteries had been isolated and he was continuing in a submerged condition. Approximately 10 hours later an underwater explosion was heard on subsea listening networks.

We can now assume that another 44 submariners have been lost and the only thing that remains is to find the location of their final resting place.

FYI.....ARA stands for "Armada de la Republica Argentina"


Clay said...

Hydrogen gas leak and explosion?

Peripatetic Engineer said...

Possibly. I wondered why he stayed submerged but Old NFO told me that the seas were typically pretty rough in those latitudes and submarines liked to stay below the wave action.

The USN evidently sent their new submarine rescue submersible down there. This was supposed to replace the old DSRV.

Old NFO said...

It sank and imploded. I just saw a report today. May they rest in peace.

Peripatetic Engineer said...

Perhaps the leak in the snorkel gave way like the Squalus. She could not blow ballast (shades of Thresher) and sank below her crush depth.