Friday, August 12, 2016

WW 2 Museum

I was forced into retirement in July. One of the benefits is being able to go places during the week when the crowds are small. I took one of the grandsons to the WW 2 Museum. Here are a few pics to tease you.

When I asked grandson what he wanted to see first he said, "The submarine". That's an exhibit where they simulate the last mission of the USS Tang. It is a mock up of a submarine interior. You are issued cards with crew positions and you man their station. At the end, you get to find out if you survived. Because it was early and a Tuesday, we had the whole thing to ourselves and out pick of duty stations.

And an insiders can see the PT boat by signing up at the front desk. Small groups are allowed in to the workshop area at noon.


Old NFO said...

I really need to get down there again... sigh

Anonymous said...

Sorry to hear about the forced retirement