Friday, January 29, 2016

Book Review - Tipping Point (Spoiler Alert)

This is the continuation of David Poyers last novel, "The Cruiser". Frankly, it left me a little flat which is unusual for a Poyer novel.

Dan Lenson is called to Washington, DC to testify about his shoot down of Israeli missiles in an action which has become known as "The Lenson Doctrine". And nothing further is heard about his testimony or how his decision relates to what happens later in the book.

His ship still has an infection that kills the odd sailor and he has a rapist stalking the decks. He does a freedom of navigation run in the Persian Gulf and then he is sent to the coast of India and Pakistan. Tensions there are escalating into a shooting war and he is ordered to shoot down any missiles targeted at a civilian population. Which he does. Then, communications start getting sketchy and he is late to join a task force headed for the South China Sea. World wide tensions begin to escalate and now China is issuing ultimatums. He is ordered to take out a satellite  which he does successfully. And then Poyer ends it as Lenson is sailing into a potential war.

It's not obvious how Poyer intends to continue the Lenson story. The ending left me surprised and let down. While there was some action, there was not as much as a typical Poyer novel and the whole thing left me feeling empty wanting more.

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