Tuesday, June 9, 2015

This Week in Oil and Gas History

June, 9, 1894

The oil industry started in Texas with the discovery oil in Corsicana, Texas. In the ultimate irony, the contractor was drilling water! For you trivia buffs, Wolf Brand Chili got its start in Corsicana during the oil boom in 1895.

June 11, 1816

The city streets of Baltimore are lit with manufactured gas by Baltimore Gas and Electric, the first gas company in the new world. The gas was manufactured from coal, tar and wood. Save the Whales breathes a sigh of relief.

June 14, 1938

The US Government passes the Natural Gas Act of 1938. This was the first instance of direct federal regulation of the oil and gas industry. The intent was to regulate transportation fees on interstate pipelines.

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Old NFO said...

My dad worked the pipeline side for many years after he stopped working the rigs. He always had to keep excellent records of how much went where for those reports.