Tuesday, April 21, 2015

Naval Traditions

I copied this from yesterday's Captain's Corner Facebook page for the USS Carl Vinson (CVN 70) currently headed home after being deployed in the Arabian Gulf. During their 6 month deployment, they flew 2,383 combat missions and dropped 869 precision guided bombs on ISIS.
Today we dipped across the chaotic waters of the equator and paid homage to the Sovereign Ruler of the Raging Main, King Neptunus Rex and his official emissary Davey Jones. Davey paid us a visit last night informing us that we would need to heave to and rid ourselves of the slime of the seas, and I invited him to stay for a talent show so that he could pick a suitable offering for his Royal Highness, King Neptunus Rex. We had a slightly talented Pollywog, "Beat-Box Spongebob square-pants" that won the talent show and earned a spot on the royal court during today's proceedings.
When the day was over, we had rid our ship of the Pollywog infestation. All told, more than 2,900 Pollywog landlubbers had been taken into the realm of the deep and earned the title of Trusty Shellback. It was a wonderful tradition with many laughs and great camaraderie. The groups of Pollywogs provided much entertainment, and their Trusty Shellbacks ensured fun was had throughout the entire event.
It's good to see that some traditions are still in vogue although I'm sure that the activities are much more politically correct than in Dad's day. 

Thank you, sailors of the Vinson and her task force. 

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