Monday, December 15, 2014

Book Review - The Cruiser

David Poyer has finally come up with the next chapter in the saga of Dan Lenson. Against all odds he's been promoted to Captain and given command of an aegis cruiser. Unfortunately, it is currently aground near Naples. He is to take command and then go to the eastern Med to provide ballistic missile defense. The ship has problems, both mechanical and human, and he has to sort them out during a combat patrol. The book is full of action and although it has references to earlier novels, the new reader will understand what is going on. This is a fast read and difficult to put down. I finished it on a trans Atlantic flight.

The book ended with an obvious lead in to a sequel with Dan in command of the same vessel. It also left some open story lines. For example, what caused the death of a healthy crewman and why does everyone have a cough? I hope Poyer writes the sequel soon because I waited too long for this one.

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Old NFO said...

Thanks, I've got to get that one!