Thursday, June 12, 2014

Passive Agressive Project Management II

I noted earlier how the project manager had failed to order a laptop for me before I left for Paris. Instead I took one of my company's laptops. This same guy was also planning to be in Paris during my first week there. I showed up on Monday and no project manager. Turns out he thought that it was a French holiday and didn't come in to the office. (It wasn't. Pentecost was the next Monday). He arrived Tuesday with his Big Oil Company laptop which can't access the internet from this office due to the contractor's security. (I can because I could change the proxy settings on my laptop but Big Oil Company doesn't allow lowly workers to change it on their machines) Therefore, I am the only one who has email and can work from this office. They've known about this problem for several months but have yet to work out a solution or get Big Oil Company Info Tech to run a line into this place. So, everyday for the next three days he leaves early so he can "work from the hotel." Thankfully, he departed on Friday.

There used be an adage about the "6 P's".....Prior Planning Prevents P*ss Poor Performance, but I guess they don't teach that anymore.

Monday I arrive in the office to find an email from him. He sent me hyperlinks to documents on the Big Oil Company server which I can't access because I don't have a Big Oil Company computer and which wouldn't work here even if I had one.

It's a wonder that gas doesn't cast $10 per gallon.

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Clay said...

Iraq imploding, Russia threatening to cut off gas supplies....

Might see $10 gas (or at least $5)