Monday, March 17, 2014

NOLa Politics

A runoff election was held in New Orleans last Saturday. New Orleans is the bastion of the Democrats in the State of Louisiana but the results of the election may be an indication of change, if not common sense. First, two long term city council fixtures, both with  the mayors endorsement, were voted out of office in favor of new candidates. (They were Democrats, of course, but still, they are new blood)

Second, a property tax extension and increase to fund capital improvements at the Audubon Zoo was soundly defeated. The tax would have been in place for the next 50 years. What this means for the future of the city will be the subject of speculation by the local pundits but it appears that the voters are looking for a change from the old politicians and rejecting new taxes. (I guess they weren't paying attention when the bridge tolls were rejected last year)

Next in line, Mary Landrieu.

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Old NFO said...

I hear Edwin Edwards is going to run against her... :-)