Monday, December 9, 2013

Packing in Church

Middle grandson's school had a Grandparents mass last Saturday evening. While his school is not in the worst of areas, it is in an area that could be described as "sketchy". It's a bad enough area that restaurants within a couple of blocks pay to have uniformed police officers on guard duty. I debated whether to leave the Airweight in the car while we went to mass or to carry it into church. The decision was made for me when I found out that we would have to park on the street and walk about 200 yards to the school chapel - it went into my pocket and went to communion with me.

I'm not sure why I had this aversion to carrying in church. Anyone have any thoughts about this?


armedlaughing said...

Some states actually have stupid laws against such things.
Unless there are metal detectors, I'd carry!
But, that's me.


Peripatetic Engineer said...

Well, I did a back check on the state laws and it appears that carrying is prohibited in churches, synagogues and mosques. Given a similar circumstance where I have to park on the street and there is no protection to get to the church, I will take my chances and carry.

Bob S. said...

I think there has been a strong conditioning against violence; even protectionary violence in the church that many people are reluctant.

Even the name given to most assemble halls -'Sanctuary' -- reinforces that; it is supposed to be a place of safety.

Texas used to prohibit carry in churches but 4 years ago changed the law to make churches post 30.06 signs like anyone else wanting to prohibit it.

I had to work though some of the same thoughts and concerns you might be going through.
Am I obedient to scripture if I carry in Church? Am I following Jesus or do I not trust Him to keep me safe?

For me I came to the conclusion I'm would give my life to those persecuting me for my faith; that isn't the most probable situation I'll be facing.

The most likely issue will be criminal assault or robbery -- and nothing in Scripture says I shouldn't be ready to stop that. Either a crime on the way there/on the way home at a stop or someone deciding to make headlines by racking up a body count.

Old NFO said...

Situation dependent... If I were in that same situation, I'd carry too....