Thursday, June 6, 2013

Book Review - The Broken Places

This is the third in Ace Atkins' series featuring Quinn Colson that started with The Ranger.

Three inmates break out of prison and head to Quinn's home town of Jericho. They want to settle a score with another fellow inmate, Jamie. Jamie had been in prison for murder where he started preaching the gospel to his fellow inmates. He managed to secure a pardon and returned to Jericho to continue his ministry. Quinn and the family of his victim are not happy to see him return but the fact that Quinn's sister is living with him complicates the issue. Everything comes to a head when the escapees come to town and, in the process of settling accounts, leave a trail of bodies and end up in one of the worst tornadoes the area has experienced.

Ace is one of my favorite authors. He should be up there with Sandford, Child, Crais and Connelly. This one has plenty of twists and the action to keep you engaged. While you can follow the story without reading the previous novels, you will understand the characters better if you take the time and do your homework.

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Old NFO said...

I need some new books, so i'll check them out, thanks!