Monday, February 4, 2013

Flinging Manure, Shovelling Shyte

It's Spring in south Louisiana and time to get the rose beds prepped for the season. It's been several years since my wife and I have worked the beds and it was time to improve the soil. Our zoo sells a product that the animals provide for free. It's a composted mix of elephant, zebra and ostrich dung with some plant clippings and coffee grounds thrown in. It's called Zoo Doo Gold. We mix 1 bag of that with 2 bags of commercial topsoil mix and add a couple handfulls of cotton seed meal for a nitrogen kicker. I mixed and spread over 1 ton of that stuff last weekend.

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Anonymous said...

My Mom used to get Lion/Tiger manure from the zoo. She'd use it around the perimeter of her rose garden. Seems like dogs and cats don't like the smell of the big cats and wouldn't cross the border to use her roses as their "dump" zone.