Thursday, April 19, 2012

Thoughts on Recent News Items

GSA Scandal
Fire them all. Fire the managers that arranged it. Fire the level above them for approving it. Fire the level above them for not being aware of it. Fire the Accounts Payable supervisor who paid the expense accounts for not blowing the whistle. Take everyone else involved and offer them a transfer, demotion or termination. Do it now!

Secret Service Fiasco
Fire the agents involved. Fire at least two levels of supervision above them. Refer the military guys back to their home service for discipline. Don't wait.

Taliban Trophy Photos
This sort of thing has been going on since the Romans hung the dead bodies of their enemies on pikes to send a message and instill fear. Face it, combat training is designed to develop a callous attitude towards death. I'm sure that tours in a combat zone further reinforce that callousness. How can we expect soldiers to hold bodies of their dead enemy sacred after witnessing atrocities these same enemies committed on their own people and our own soldiers? What they do, they will have to deal with and that is punishment enough for me.

Leon Panetta's Trips Home
We are involved in two wars and the Secretary of Defense heads home every weekend? Are you s***ing me? I don't care if he carries a Bat Phone, he needs to be in DC, not on the Left Coast someplace.

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