Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Dem Cajuns is Clever

I once worked on a project where we negotiated a Right of Way for a pipeline to cross a farmers field. Everything was fine until the construction crew arrived and found the rice field covered in water. This, of course, threw the monkey wrench into the gears and we went to the farmer to ask WTF? He informed us that he now intended to raise crawfish and if our construction prevented him from doing so, he wanted compensation. As you can guess, he got paid for crawfish that never existed, the field was drained and construction began.

And if you want a lesson on negotiation, sit down with some people who have rented out their plantation homes for movies. You could learn a lot about how business is done in Hollywood.

Now it seems some Yankees thought Swamp People's Troy Landry could be taken advantage of. He got them good, I think.

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