Saturday, March 12, 2011

My Right Main Bearing is Shot

Went to the doctor yesterday to see about a persistent pain in my right knee. After an xray he delivered the news - the cartilage in my knee was worn away and I was bone-on-bone on the left side. The options are (1) do nothing until the pain gets too bad, (2) get a shot of viscous fluid that acts as a cushion for the knee, or (3) a partial knee replacement.

Got to get out the spreadsheets, develop a decision tree and possibly a SWOT analysis.

Option 1 is low cost but not a permanent solution. Option 2 is medium cost, office procedure but temporary. Option 3 is high cost, long recovery but permanent.

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Don said...

I don't know how your insurance works, but mine requires trying low cost options first. So I'm in option 2 right now. They say 75% get adequate pain relief for 6 months. I'm less than 5 months in and having a bad day with it. Not bad enough to make the call though, since doc likes to suck the effusion out first. That hurts. Real bad.