Monday, January 17, 2011

Opt Out No. 3 and Baggage Rants

Monday morning, 5:00 AM, no coffee yet and tagged yet again for a session in the TSA sun tan booth. Nope. Not me. And they call for a "male assist". (Does anyone know why they call a pat down an "assist"? They aren't in any way helping or "assisting" me. In fact, they are infringing my constitutional rights. If someone can tell me, I would like to know the etymology of the phrase.)

Anyway, I'm used to the routine and tell the agent that I'll see him again next week.

And here's another conundrum......Why do people who are either too short or too weak to put their carry on luggage in the overhead bin insist on bringing it into the cabin? Do they naturally assume that some kind traveller will put their bag up for them? Why impose yourself on other people that way? Sure, you save $25 in baggage fees but you aren't sharing that savings with the person who just hefted your bag into the overhead. Acknowledge your limitations and check the d**n bag.

And a final rant......a carry on bag that is stuffed with more s**t than a Christmas goose and won't fit in the overhead bin is, by definition, NOT a carry on bag.

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