Sunday, June 6, 2010

BP Update - More FAIL

It's Sunday, June 6, Day 48 since the blowout.

BP has set the revised tophat on the well after failing to cut the riser with the wire saw. They had to revert to the shear which left a jagged cut which they could not seal with the original LMRP cap. The tophat is on the well but video shows most of the oil flowing out of the bottom of the cap. This was predictable. The well bore is 20" in diameter and they wanted to force all that oil through 6-5/8" drill pipe which has an internal diameter of 3-1/2". Overall, I think they took a step backwards. They increased flow from the well but are not capturing more oil with the cap.

Tar balls are washing up in P'cola. Destin is next.

In other news, James Carville saw Thad Allen and Tony Hayward having dinner together the other night in the French Quarter. Tony has a lot of courage to eat at a public restaurant in New Orleans. I can only guess at the "extras" that the wait staff added to his meal.