Friday, February 1, 2008

Greasing of the Poles

The Annual Greasing of the Poles is a pre-Lenten activity that has been carried out by the New Orleans Royal Sonesta Hotel for over 30 years. A heavy lubricant is liberally spread over the vertical supports for the hotel's balconies to prevent over exuberent revelers from climbing the poles in search of beads. A press release from the hotel says it all.

"The practice of greasing the support poles was first initiated by the Royal Sonesta as a safe and creative measure to hinder overzealous revelers from shimmying up the support poles onto prized French Quarter balconies. In typical New Orleans style, this preventive exercise quickly grew into a ceremony and unique street party. Today Greasing of the Poles is a spectacle to behold attracting quite a crowd as well as media from across the globe."

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