Monday, August 17, 2015

Praise for OtterBox

I appreciate good customer service and like to spread the word about companies that practice it. Amazon is one such company. Another is OtterBox.

OtterBox makes protective cases for cell phones. And they are good. I dropped previous phone on the drive way and the OtterBox did what it was supposed to do. It sacrificed itself but protected the phone. Even though it was technically out of warranty, Otterbox replaced it free of charge. Then the clip that held the phone in my holster broke. Since the case was now several years old, I ordered a replacement.but, as luck would have it, I ordered the wrong one. I called OtterBox and they cheerfully sent the correct of charge. And they did not want the other one back.

Last year I upgraded to a Galaxy 3 and bought an OtterBox case and holster for it. Yesterday the clip on the holster broke again. OtterBox has a place on their website where you can send them a picture of your damaged case and they will replace it under warranty. I did that this morning and within 10 minutes I had an email back that a replacement was on the way.

I know it's only a cell phone case, but I wish more companies had the same dedication to customer service that they do.


Pawpaw said...

I use Otterbox exclusively. 'nuff said.

Old NFO said...

Yep, they are good quality, and quality service too! :-)

winnipegman said...

Interesting, after the clip on my otterbox broke the second time, I was told too bad, one per customer. the first holster lasted 5 months, the second, 5 days.
Disappointed I was. Will I buy another? Unlikely.
BTW, I am in Canada. That may have had something to do with it, but they didn't say so.