Thursday, August 27, 2015

Museum Trip

Son and DIL were taking oldest grandson off to college so my wife and I had the other 2 grands as visitors over the weekend. She took one off to Thai food and cheese and I took the younger to the WW II Museum. I specifically wanted to see the "Road to Berlin" exhibit.

The exhibit sets are dressed to look like the area where the fighting took place. The upper is Italy and the lower is the Battle of the Bulge with a vintage Opel. Specifically, this set described "Task Force Baum", the team Patton sent to rescue his son in law from a POW camp.

Another great hall is the Boeing Pavilion where they have the large static displays.

The upper is a Sherman in working condition. They can drive it where they want it. The lower is a TBM Avenger similar to the one flown by Thomas Lupo, a local boy who flew in the Battle off Samar. His story is here. In the background is the Medal of Honor wall.

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Old NFO said...

I really need to get back down there and see that again! Thanks for the reminder!