Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Yo No Puedo Mas

We had this bottle of wine last night at dinner. Obviously, the French wine producer has a strange sense of humor. But I wonder if it might be the new campaign slogan.

Monday, September 1, 2014

Oban - 14 Year Old

Oban is a West Highland malt distilled in a seaside town on the west coast of Scotland. It is light amber in color and has a very light and grassy nose. In fact, it has hardly any nose at all. It has a full body and is pleasing to the tongue and is easy to swish around in your mouth. At first I didn't detect any finish at all but after a few seconds, there was a pleasingly warm feeling. In short, don't turn this one down if someone offers you a wee dram.

Oban is marketed as one of the classic single malts of Scotland along with Dalwhinnie, Talisker, Cragganmore, Lagavulan and Glenkinchie. Each one is a representative of a separate area of Scotland. You can also get Oban in 18 and 32 year old versions.

The distillery itself was built in 1794 and is one of the smallest in Scotland, having only 2 pot stills. It is currently owned by Diageo, a large adult beverage conglomerate.

Thursday, August 28, 2014

Finlaggan - Cask Stregth

It's been a while since I posted any whiskey tasting but being in Europe gives me the chance to taste whiskeys that are not normally available in the States. Finlaggan is one.

I wanted a whiskey last night and the waiter confessed that, while he knew wine, he did not know whiskey but he invited me to look over their selection. The Finlaggan immediately stood out as I had never heard of it before.

It is a pale amber in color and has a very strong iodine smell. In fact, it was so strong that I was worried that the whiskey may be a bit harsh. On the first taste I was pleasantly surprised. The taste is smooth and invites you to swish it around in your mouth for a longer taste. It goes down with a pleasingly warm glow and leaves a nice finish. Even my wife, who does not normally like straight single malts, liked this one.

Finlaggan is an Islay malt sold by the Vintage Malt Whiskey Company, Ltd. It is named for a ruined castle on Islay that was once the home of the "Lord of the Isles". Its distiller, however, is a secret. The only thing its maker will say about it is that it will always come from the same distillery. This has led to endless speculation among whiskey snobs about its origin. Some say it is a younger version (less than 10 years) of  _______ (pick your Islay distillery). The one thing they all agree on is that they like its cheap price, and the mystery of its origin.

Wednesday, August 27, 2014

Morning Commute

This is what I see when I walk to the train in the morning.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

Pens, Pens, Pens

I have added another website to the right hand side. It's called "The Pen Enthusiast". It's all about fountain pens, the ink they use, and the paper they write on. If you like writing implements from the old school, give it a look.

Thursday, August 7, 2014

Aug 6 Flashback

Here's an Aug 6 post from a few years ago.....


The Sights of Paris

Saw this last night down in Montparnesse. It was outside of the now closed Prison de la Sante (ironically, the Prison of Good Health). It's the last one of its kind. Can you guess what it is?