Wednesday, January 25, 2012

SOTU, My Way

When the founding fathers required the president to stand before Congress and review the State of the Union I believe they had several things in mind - and a campaign speech was not one of them. I think they wanted an objective evaluation of the country. They wanted to hear how it was growing and if it was improving or not. They wanted facts and figures, not campaign promises. I also think they wanted to impress upon the president that he worked for the people, and Congress, as representatives of the people, wanted a report on the job he was doing. It's really no different than a Project Manager making a status report to management - and it should be presented in a similar manner. Are we on budget, or are we over or under? Are we on schedule? What risks do we see in the future and how can we mitigate them? What measures of performance are you using?

I have some thoughts about how the SOTU should be done that I will write in future posts even though I know it is a futile exercise.

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Old NFO said...

That's why I never finished my post on it last night... sigh