Friday, January 27, 2012

SOTU, Finale

The President's Cabinet consists of 15 Departments. In addition, he has 8 other cabinet level offices. These include OMB and EPA. What I would like to see is for each cabinet level officer to prepare 2 - 3 PowerPoint slides with bulleted items describing their key accomplishments, status of their KPIs and a SWOT analysis. The President could then cherry pick and condense these into the most important items for his SOTU address. He would end up with about 30 to 35 slides which would fit nicely into a one hour speech.

And after that hour, the American people would have a good idea of what has been going on in their government and what to watch for in the future.

But, what if a cabinet officer can't come up with any information for a PowerPoint slide? Well, then, one would have to question whether that department was worth the cost.

It will never happen, of course, but I will do it when I get my private island. You can come live there if you agree to live by MY rules.

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