Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Throw Me Something, Mister

Nancy and Harry are like two people who are taking their first ride on a Mardi Gras float.

Anyone who has ridden in a Mardi Gras parade knows the feeling. You are standing above the crowd looking out over the adoring throng. Their arms are uplifted and they are all screaming, “Throw me something, Mister.” You get carried away by the excitement and start throwing beads as fast as you can. You try to saturate the crowd with beads. By the half way point of the parade, your beads are gone and all you can do is stand there and shrug your shoulders at those people still clamoring for beads.

Experienced riders know to ration their beads. They set aside some beads for use in the latter half of the parade. They don’t throw beads to just anyone but single out cute kids, good looking women or grandmas. Maybe they entice young hotties to flash their tits. But they have a system and they stick with it. And they finish the parade with beads to spare. These beads form the basis of next year’s parade. A little lagniappe as it were.

But Harry and Nancy are riding the lead float in the Krewe of Dems and they are going to be throwing beads to the locals as fast as they can while singing “Laissez le bon temps roule”. And they won’t be the cheap beads, no. They will be throwing the long stands of pearls. And they will run out before the parade ends. And there will be no beads for next year.

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