Monday, November 10, 2008

Euphoria Overseas

The evening news recently had a short piece about Americans living and traveling overseas. It seems that since the election, they are no longer ashamed to be seen as Americans and are once again proudly claiming their nationality. They have taken to wearing clothes with American symbols and are hanging out at American establishments.

As someone who has traveled to areas of the globe that are less than friendly to Americans, PE urges expats to exercise caution.

The people who would do harm to Americans have not changed their attitudes because of the results of the recent election. They still hold tightly to their anti-American agenda and nothing short of death will cause them to change their minds. It is not the shop owner who complains to you about America’s foreign policy that you have to worry about, but the radical militant that you never see coming. To think otherwise is naive. And it would be no surprise to me if some radicals decided to test the Obama presidency by pulling off an attack on Americans overseas.

If you tire of complaints from foreigners about America, I suggest you visit Normandy, France or Seoul, South Korea. There you will find many people who will openly thank you for the assistance America gave to them.

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