Saturday, January 24, 2015

Identify the Weapon

I was walking by Notre Dame yesterday and saw the usual Police Nationale patrols. They are now wearing body armor. One of them was carrying a familiar looking sub machine gun that I have not been able to identify. According to Wikipedia, they use Ruger Mini 14s but this weapon looked like the familiar M3 "Grease Gun" in that it had a cylindrical body. However the barrel was shorter than the M3. The magazine was a straight clip that probably held 20 or so 9mm rounds. I have not been able to find any modern sub machine guns that look like this one did. Is it possible they are using some modified M3s from WW II? Anybody have any thoughts?

Found it! A Beretta M12.


Old NFO said...

Not a clue... And I can't visualize that one... Sorry!

BCKing said...

The pictures I've seen show them w/Beretta Model 12's or some French copy of that SMG,The French copy of the Ruger AC556 & what look like short-barreled FN Shotguns.