Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Book Review - The Bridge

This is the latest in the Robert Parker's ghost written series featuring Cole and Hitch by Robert Knott. I looked back to see if I had reviewed the previous two books by Knott but I had not. I guess that I was just not impressed enough to put in the effort. This book also does nothing to change that opinion and I feel I must warn you about it.

The plot starts with the destruction of a major bridge but that story line is quickly dropped and the author takes us to the home life of Cole and Hitch as Allie anticipates the arrival of a theater troup. In this troup is a mysterious fortune teller that Hitch takes up with (duh!). She predicts danger ahead for our hero (double duh).

The story drags on with little movement towards a resolution of the crisis at hand. Instead, we are treated to pages and pages of one line dialog between our two boys about almost anything except the key plot line. When the story is finally resolved, it is anti-climatic with almost no literary tension.

Read it if you must, but DO NOT expect a reincarnation of Robert Parker. I mean, what can you expect from the guy who wrote "Coneheads"?

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Old NFO said...

Good point, I'll pass! Thanks!