Friday, January 18, 2013

Book Review - The Panther

The latest release by Nelson DeMille. I really like DeMille. My favorite book is "The Charm School" about a training facility in Russia where US servicemen captured in Vietnam are held prisoner and used to train Russian agents to be more "American" and blend in as deep cover agents. My other favorites are "Plum Island" and "Up Country".This last book joins that group.

This is a continuation of the character John Corey, the NYPD detective that is seconded to the FBI anti-terrorist squad. They are looking for a homegrown terrorist that is operating out of Yemen. Corey has been there before to investigate the USS Cole bombing. He had also killed another terrorist known as The Lion (another book worth reading) and was therefore known to Al Qaeda. He is sent to Yemen to track down and kill The Panther. He is not only the hunter, but he is the bait as well. But wait, the CIA is involved and nothing is as it seems.

It is an excellent read and difficult to put down at the end. DeMille also brings back Paul Brenner (from The General's Daughter) in this book. I suspect we will see more of the Corey-Brenner combination.

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Old NFO said...

I'll add it to the read list, got a LOT of flying coming up in the next month! Thanks!