Friday, January 8, 2021

What Did You Expect?

It seems that some politicians are not pleased with the police response to the demonstration in DC the other day. They believe that the police, in some cases, even aided the protesters by removing barricades. Well, what did you expect. Politicians from the left have denigrated police, defunded them and charged them as criminals for doing their duty. Did you really expect that after all that that they will form a line and protect the people that have been beating them for so long?

And I had a bit of cognitive dissonance as  I watched the news on the protests. What I was seeing did not jive with what I was hearing. I didn't see any fires or burning buildings, I didn't see and destruction of property except for a few broken windows, I didn't see any graffiti being sprayed on the capital building, but what I was hearing, even on Fox, would make you think that what was happening was as bad the British burning the capital in 1812. 

I'm afraid that this will not get better. Wait until the Dems try to make major changes to the Supreme Court and their other agenda items and you will see real protests.

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Old NFO said...

Pandora's Box is fully open now. Good luck to the dems trying to get it closed...