Tuesday, November 17, 2020

Deanston 30 Year Old

 This is another case where I received a special whiskey and put it aside for an occasion. By the time I opened it, the cork was dried out and I had to push it into the bottle. So now I strain cork pieces from my drink and I had to find a substitute cork to prevent the angels from getting more than their share.

Deanston is a Highland Whiskey from a distillery that started life as a cotton mill in 1785. For those concerned about energy, in 1949 the mill installed water turbines and now all their electricity is generated by these turbine generators. In 1965, the mill closed its doors but by 1974, it was converted to a distillery.

The 30 year old has a pleasant medium amber color. It is slightly phenolic but that soon dissipates and you are left with a smooth and velvety texture on your palate. The finish is warm and welcoming. 

My advice? Enjoy your whiskey before the cork dries out.

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Old NFO said...

Yes, one 'should' do that. :-)