Saturday, January 4, 2020

John Emerald Single Malt Whiskey

This whisky is not a true Scotch as it is made in, of all places, Opelika, Alabama. John Emerald Distillery is a craft distiller making small batches of whiskey, gin, rum and vodka and is the first legal distillery in Alabama for more than 100 years.

This bottle was a Christmas present from the oldest grandson and is from Batch 135, which was written by human hand on the bottle. This whiskey uses pecan and peach wood to dry the malted barley and this imparts a unique flavor much different from peat. It is aged in virgin American white oak with a slight char. This is a very smooth whiskey even though it is less than 4 years old.One wonders what another 6 or so years ageing would do to it.

Nose: grass and floral
Palate: Very, very smooth
Color: Medium Amber
Finish: Long and warming

This whiskey is not widely available. You can find it in select stores in Mississippi, Alabama and Georgia. But, it you are looking for something unique, it may be worth trying to find it.

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