Sunday, April 2, 2017

World According to Enzo

Enzo is our driver for our airport pickups in Paris. He is contracted to our rental agency so we have ridden with him several times. He is an Italian living in Paris where he operates a small limo service. While his English is a little weak, he expresses himself very well. Here are some of his thoughts.

He works hard, often 7 days a week. He recently had a friend who died at a young age and never got to enjoy retirement. Enzo has vowed that he is tired of working so that his taxes can support illegal immigrants. He does not support the liberal "give away" government of France and Paris and while he can't vote in France, he supports Marine Le Pen.

Paris city government says that tourism is down 30%. Enzo thinks it's more like 50%. He'd know because he sees it every day. He thinks that city government plans to increase tourism, like more pedestrian only streets and a nudist colony in the Bois de Vincennes, are stupid.

When we were last here we saw a lot of Chinese tourists. Enzo tells us that the Chinese have begun buying up small business, especially bistros. They are slowly inserting themselves into the city.

That's a short summary of the views of a working man in Europe. Do not be surprised if the conservatives win in France.

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