Thursday, February 2, 2017

Dinner with Liberals

Youngest grandson, 12 year old P, and I went to Dinner with a Curator at the WW II Museum last night. The topic was US propaganda during the war. Dinner seating was community style with tables set up as 10 tops. We happened to be seated between an elderly Jesuit Priest who also happened to be the retired President of Loyola University and a woman who worked for Sister Helen Prejean of anti death penalty fame. (Don't ask me how that happened. Seating was open) The conversation was interesting and generally focused on history but towards the end of the meal the priest mentioned that he had not met anyone who would admit to voting for Donald Trump. I raised my hand and said, "You have now". Luckily, the presentation started before we could get into any further discussion of politics.

On the way home I told my grandson that the people we were sitting with live in a liberal bubble - a college campus in a majority democratic parish. If our priest friend were to get out to the neighboring parishes he might meet a Trump voter or two.

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