Tuesday, September 27, 2016

DMZ Rice

Bayou Renaissance Man had a recent post about Japanese rice farmers and their advertising techniques. South Korea entices farmers to work the DMZ between the north and south by giving them a tax exemption.  The rice they grow is marketed under the name "DMZ Rice". (Actually it's not grown in the DMZ but in the military exclusion zone just to the south.)


mostly cajun said...

In the days of my misspent youth, I spent an inordinate amount of time in that 'exclusion zone' between the Imjin River and the DMZ. Look of "Freedom Bridge Korea" in Google. Those hills on the north riverbank were some of my old haunts me, another soldier and .50 caliber MG on an anti-aircraft mount.

Nobody was farming there in 1969-70.


Peripatetic Engineer said...

The DMZ is now a tourist attraction. You can even take a train into the tunnels the NKs dug in the granite and end up under the mid point. They also claim the DMZ as an environmental refuge as it has been left to nature since 1953.....well, except for the occasional critter that steps on a land mine.